Accessing Our Support

Our door is always open for a cuppa and a chat, and we are ready to accommodate all circumstances. Simply ring, text or email us to make an appointment. You can find our contact details on our contact us page.

If you’re interested as a parent, and you think that you and your child might benefit from attending, then you are also warmly invited to bring your child to either of the following:


You can also find out more about us at the following upcoming workshops:



When children and young people first join a new group, we understand that it is very common for them to feel unsettled at first, because new places and new people always present a challenge. We are here to help parents support their children through that, in whatever way they need. Through our experience of working in this way, we have developed a gentle introduction to the programme – which enables children, young people and their parents to ease into a group gradually, and prepares them for the exciting journey that lies ahead.