Keely can remember a variety of different issues that she has had in this area, at different points in her life:

  • When first learning to use soap as a very little girl, not understanding how covering her hands in that funny, creamy, slippery stuff was supposed to help get them clean. It felt like making them more dirty to her, and she found it very strange and annoying until she got used to it.
  • Being anxious to some degree about lying down fully in the bath to rinse her hair – in case her face went under the water.
  • Worrying about getting soap in her eyes when she had her hair washed – which meant that it took a long time before she was able to wash her own hair, rather than having her mum do it for her.
  • Becoming very frustrated as an older tween and teen – because she could not understand why she was suddenly having to wash herself more often than she ever had before, and she did not like it at all.

We can help children and young people in all of these areas, to teach them the basic principles in a way that is fun, interactive and makes sense to them – from our perspective of understanding the issues from the inside – and to help children and young people feel comfortable with their hygiene routines.