Up and Coming Groups



If you have a child aged 2-3 years who is recently diagnosed or waiting for a diagnosis, then this is the group for you! This is an informal group which will take place on a Thursday afternoon (time tbc), focussing on nursery rhymes and simple listening games – ideal for young children with difficulties around speech and attention. We currently have 2 children lined up for this group (1 boy and 1 girl); meaning that there are still 2 places left to fill.


Young Primary Aged Children

If your child is interested in joining us but they are a little shy of the more boisterous children, then why not try bringing them along to this group. Open to both boys and girls, this group will focus on helping those quieter children to find their confidence and blossom. The group is going to take place on Tuesdays, and we currently have two children registered for it; meaning that there are still two more places up for grabs.



Through the course of teaching classes, parents have frequently asked Keely questions about her personal experience of growing up with autism. With this in mind we, at ReGenerate, are preparing to offer parents the opportunity to attend a series of presentations over six weeks, where Keely will share her experiences and enable parents to have their questions answered. If you would be interested, please do get in touch for more information.