Hair Brushing

Keely has always had a very sensitive scalp, and this has caused her a lot of pain at times, when it has come to getting her long hair brushed out.

Over the years, she has developed a technique for herself which removes that pain, by enabling her to brush her hair every day without the tugs actually reaching her scalp properly – so that she feels much more comfortable.

Our hair brushing programme is centred around teaching children and their parents to use that very simple and successful technique. However, we often see children who have developed such a strong association between the experience of someone’s hands on their head during brushing, and the pain of unavoidable tugs on a sensitive scalp – that they feel unable to tolerate their head or hair being touched at all, at any time.

We recognise that we need help these children form new, more positive associations with having their having their heads touched, before they can benefit from Keely’s hair brushing technique. So, we start with a very soft, very innocuous object, with which we gently massage the tops of their heads as they watch a short DVD, until they are used to this and ready to move further forward.

Hair brushing pic