Toilet Training and Toilet Phobias

Keely has a very good memory for events, which goes a very long way back. She vividly remembers the day she had her last nappy, exactly how she was feeling, the fears that she had around it and even some of the thought processes she experienced towards nappies, toilets and trying to transition from one to the other.

Using these memories together with her creative streak, she has developed a toileting programme that deals with the following anxiety-fuelled issues:

  • Anxiety about the sensory aspects of a toilet – including its size, hardness, coldness and balancing/feeling unstable.
  • Difficulties using the toilet due to struggling to balance and push at the same time.
  • Anxieties around communicating a need to go to the toilet, in time and in a socially acceptable way.
  • Difficulties with wiping – due to difficulties with fine motor skills and struggling to know when one is clean when one can’t see the area being cleaned.